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PH: (02) 9679 0011 | | 762 Springwood Rd, Yarramundi, NSW 2753
PH: (02) 9679 0011 | | 762 Springwood Rd, Yarramundi, NSW 2753




                Paintball days are Better with Action Paintball Games.

                It is all about the fun when you play paintball with Action Paintball Games. We pride ourselves on having the most wonderful friendly staff along with the absolute se the BEST rental equipment on earth! Everything from our Base GS-O "Operator" No Fog Goggles, and the latest technology paintball Markers from Planet Eclipse. We even use super light 4500psi carbon fiber air systems as standard on all of our rental markers which mean you do not need to keep coming back to re-gas your marker after every second game. No other paintball field in the world can even come close when it comes to our standard issue paintball equipment. Quality gear really makes a difference in your day.

                If you cannot see due to fog or an uncomfortable mask, or your marker is constantly breaking down, running out of gas or does not shoot straight, you won't enjoy your day paintball.

                At Action Paintball are these issues are a thing of the past. Come try our new markers and gear today!

                If you want to use a high end paintball marker then we have you covered too with our amazing selection of Electronic competition level upgrade markers. The selection has to be seen to be believed. You can check them out on our upgrade marker page above.

                Now we do not rely on just having the best rental equipment and professional staff, we also are proud to have the most developed 10 battlefields in Australia with massive forts, sniper towers, bridges, tunnels, Sup’Air and Hyperball competition fields, the largest paintball castle in the country and of course, several very cool jungle battlefields. Many of our battlefields are multi-level so you not only need to look left and right but also up and down! We have more battlefield than you can play in a single day!

                If you want to play paintball for a birthday or bucks day, or maybe you want to do something cool for the staff at your work, then Action Paintball is the best option for your day of fun. We have the staff, equipment, facilities and know-how to make your day of paintball a fantastic experience that you will all be talking about for ages.

                On top of having the very latest and greatest in equipment available for our customers, we also offer the best value packages and even our extra paint pricing is the lowest in town. We also have great booking conditions as well as generous organiser bonuses for groups that do book and deposit. We offer full refunds without any surcharges or fees for cancellations up until the day before your booking for peace of mind dealing with us.

                If you would like to know more about anything above please call us on 02 9679 0011 during business hours, seven days a week.

                WE ARE BACK! Now Taking Bookings!

                Paintball is back on and we've missed you! We are taking bookings now!

                It is with much excitement that we announce we are re-opening our doors to the public for social paintball bookings, however we all must adhere to Covid Safe Practices and social distancing guidelines. Please read below on all our guidelines to keep customers and staff safe during our re-opening.
                Due to Covid-19 we have a number of restrictions in place:
                • Bookings are ESSENTIAL. Walk-on groups will NOT permitted to play.
                • ALL bookings MUST be pre-paid in FULL at least 48 hours prior.
                • Playing overalls are NOT provided. Players MUST wear long pants (Please note: there is no actual “paint” in a paintball but rather it is filled with food colouring and any 'paint marks' easily wash out in cold water).
                We also have strict hygene and social-distancing measures in place:
                • ALL rental equipment is washed and sanitised AFTER EACH SESSION.
                • Sanitised masks are not recycled to other players for at least 7 days.
                • Hand sanitising stations available throughout the facility.
                • The all-you-can-eat sausage sizzle will NOT be available.
                • If you are feeling unwell please stay home and DO NOT come to paintball!
                • Temperature checks will be conducted on all players
                We appreciate your understanding and adherance to these measures during this difficult time.
                Players who cannot abide by these measures will be asked to leave.

                Yarramundi Battlefield

                Our Sydney Paintball Park has the best terrain and battlefields in Australia. Outdoor paintball at its finest. Thick bush battlefields and varied terrain. We have over 10 different battlefields to play on!

                *Please note: our Awesome Rouse Hill Paintball Park is currently closed whilst the whole property undergoes a massive multi-million dollar redevelopment. We are planning on reopening with an updated, bigger and better park in 2022. Prepare to be amazed!

                Yarramundi Battlefield Map

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                • Susan McKenzie
                  Customer service was just astounding. Friendly, happy, clear, helpful, calm, exciting, The whole entire time from sending the booking enquiring, entering the door to leaving after a great sausage sizzle. We did have an incident of a lost wristband, but the staff help finding it was really fast and friendly (found in 2 minutes). Information, rules and regulations were clear and understandable. Must commend the staff at Rouse Hill for their attitudes it really does make the experience even more overwhelming. I will definitely be booking again. Thank you
                  Susan McKenzie
                • Trent Sawyer
                  In no particular order- Referees are excellent always approachable and helpful- Fields excellent- Gun reliability was overall very good using Ether and GEO though the GEO had a few balls break in the barrel throughout the day- Happy with your prices though I was wondering if you would include another category price for people who own all equipment except for the paintball marker- Overall excellent experience will be returning regularly and have recommended ACTION to others.
                  Trent Sawyer
                • Joel Bateman
                  Equipment was best I've ever had at paintball - goggles didn't fog and gun was quite reliable. Ref was very responsive to issues with guns which was amazing (so many times I've been to paintball where the refs don't care if your gun is crap) - Daniel actually cleaned it and regassed it for me. Wish they would have offered a re-gas halfway through the day instead of 80% of way through though because the re-gas was a noticeable improvement in quality.Fields were pretty good - especially the missile base one and the one with cars/caravans - awesome. But would have liked a bit more variety - we played on the same ones a few times cause there wasn't any left.
                  Joel Bateman
                • Laura Robinson
                  Overall my experience was fantastic the staff were all lovely and very helpful throughout the entirety of the day! The only small feedback I have is in regards to newer staff not correctly marking my payment card when I received my organiser bonus as I was almost charged for the 500 free paintballs. This was corrected straight away with the lovely lady at the front desk so it still didn't impact negatively on my experience at Action Paintball. Thank you again for such a great day and I will definitely be back soon!
                  Laura Robinson
                • Luke Rose
                  Booked in for a group of 10 only managed to round up 9 of us. Absolutely fantastic experience hooked on the sport and in the midst of purchasing my own gear. Would highly recommend it for everyone.
                  Luke Rose
                • Cameron Laing
                  We all had a great day no complaints other then a few people mentioning that there should be an alternate method to hold the paintball canisters as they were a bit hard to get in and out when in the heat of the moment! Everyone left with a smile and wont shut up about what a great time they had. Will be back for sure!
                  Cameron Laing
                • Maria Scuderi
                  The referees and staff were insightful and helpful the equipment was clean and appropriate as was the guns. The playing fields were suitable and overall it was a great experience and any future visits to paintball will be with your company.
                  Maria Scuderi
                • Marita Tully
                  The staff at Rouse Hill were awesome. They were thorough friendly and flexible. Our HSC students enjoyed their games immensely.
                  Marita Tully
                  Hills Grammar School
                • Danielle Pritchard
                  I liked your system of giving each person a number and that number was placed on everyones equipment. felt very organised and efficient :) the playing fields were great and everyone in my group had a fantastic time. thank you
                  Danielle Pritchard
                • Hayley Mckenzie
                  Christina was very helpful when booking and flexible in accommodating us. We held a small charity event Dare the Boss we were able to be in and out and capture all we needed Thank you to the team on the day. We will be back Cheers
                  Hayley Mckenzie
                • Aza
                  We had a blast of a day all players from my group walked away with big grins on there faces. A big thank you.
                • Adam Yates
                  Overall this place is the MONEY for paintball. Cheers guys.
                  Adam Yates
                • Terry Roberts
                  All in all great day. Had plenty of fun and everyone that came along agreed with me that it was a good time.Great value as well in regards to paintball/$$Honestly nothing I can really suggest to improve best experience I've had paintballing. Will definitely book again.
                  Terry Roberts
                • Action Paintball Logo Footer
                  extremely satisfied with how the day turned out $100 package paintball deal was great for me and my friends
                  Paul Rutkowski