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Birthday Parties

Celebrate your big day with an Action packed adventure!

Have an Action packed birthday party your friends will be talking about for a long time!

Imagine celebrating your birthday with your friends on the battlefield - It really will be a birthday to remember!

At Action Paintball we know how to throw a party. With our amazing battlefields and varied game modes you can celebrate an amazing birthday you and your friends won't soon forget. With plenty of undercover seating available, you are most welcome to set up decorations and snacks for the birthday group. Dominos will also happily deliver lots of pizza to keep the troops happy.

Organise a group of 20+ pre-paid players who show on the day and we will also guarantee you your own private group - no other players or groups will join your private session.

Why choose action paintball for your birthday party?

Safety first!

Your safety while playing with Action Paintball is our top priority. Each group is supervised by one of our friendly, professionally trained paintball referees who will not only ensure safety rules are adhered to but also ensures everybody plays fair.

We are very strict with under 18 players with regards to safety as we want you to have an amazing, fun day but be as safe as possible while playing with us. The safety rules will be explained multiple times before you even pick up your paintball marker so there are no excuses for rule-breakers.

Play your own way

We run games until 3pm so you can play for an hour or play all day. It's completely up to you. As long as you have paintballs and the will to play, you're good to go. If you or your players run out of ammo you can purchase more during the day.

If your group has 20 or more pre-paid players you'll also be guaranteed your own private session with no other social players joining your group, just you and your mates dominating each other.

We also have very flexible start times - 9:30am to 12:00pm but be aware that games finish at 3:00pm so the earlier you start, the more play time you have.

The best maps & game modes

Action Paintball is home to the legendary Castle Richtenstien, the largest paintball fort in NSW! Attack and overrun the fort, then defend it from the enemy! Maybe you'd like to experience tournament style paintball on our huge Sup Air inflatable field or outflank the defenders in our Trenches field.

There are many different game modes and scenarios available to our players, from basic Capture The Flag and Team Deathmatch style games to some of our custom games such as Zombies & Survivors or Protect the President. There's something for every style of player.

UNRIVALLED firepower!

Action Paintball has the fastest and most accurate paintball markers in Australia, full stop. No other field can match the speed, accuracy and reliability of even our free standard markers, but our Upgrade Guns truely are Next Level with firing speeds up to 21 paintball per second.

For those that demand the absolute best of the best, check out our limited range of Exotic Upgrade Guns. These top of the line markers are used by professional teams such as Sydney SWAT. Numbers are strictly limited and are available on a first come, first served basis. Get in early to secure your exotic firepower.

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