Action Paintball have the BEST OUTDOOR Parks in Australia.

We’ve had Over 500,000 people play with us!

Action Paintball Games is the Only way to guarantee that you have the most exciting & fun day of paintball. 

End of Financial Year 2016 SPECIAL!



If you find any other paintball deal in Australia we will match it! The Action Paintball Price Beat promise. We will beat any advertised price


The Action Paintball Midweek madness package comes with 500 paintballs for only $59.00 It also includes everything you need to play! The cheapest deal in Sydney for paintball



Organising a group of mates to come play paintball with us? We know it’s a tough job, that’s why we’ll reward you for it!
Bring a group of mates who have paid their deposits, and you play for free! What a Bonus

Organiser players_5 balls_200  bt4 $59.00
You + 5 Deposited Mates  = FREE Sentry Package
(200 Paintballs – Value $39.00)
+ 1 x Bt-4 Combat Gun Upgrade
(Value $20.00)
 Total Savings!
 Organiser players_10 balls_500  bt4_x2 $109.00
 You + 10 Deposited Mates = FREE Sniper Package
(500 Paintballs – Value $69.00)
 + 2 x Bt-4 Combat Gun Upgrade
(Value $40.00)
 Total Savings!
 Organiser players_15  balls_700  bt4_x3 $149.00
 You + 15 Deposited Mates = FREE Mercenary Package
(700 Paintballs – Value $89.00)
 + 3 x Bt-4 Combat Gun Upgrade
(Value $60.00)
 Total Savings!
 Organiser players_20  balls_1000  bt4_x4 $189.00
 You + 20 Deposited Mates = FREE Commando Package
(1000 Paintballs – Value $109.00)
 + 4 x Bt-4 Combat Gun Upgrade
(Value $80.00)
 Total Savings!
 Organiser players_25  balls_1500  bt4_x5 $249.00
 You + 25 Deposited Mates = FREE Terminator Package
(1500 Paintballs – Value $149.00)
 + 5 x Bt-4 Combat Gun Upgrade
(Value $100.00)
Total Savings!
Organiser  players_30  balls_2000  bt4_x6 $299.00
You + 30 Deposited Mates  = FREE Devastator Package
(2000 Paintballs – Value $179.00)
 + 6 x Bt-4 Combat Gun Upgrade
(Value $120.00)
 Total Savings!
 Organiser players_35  balls_3000  etha_x3 $448.00
 You + 35 Deposited Mates = 2 x FREE Terminator Packages
(1500 Paintballs x 2 – Value $298.00)
 + 3 x Eclipse Etha Gun Upgrade
(Value $150.00)
Total Savings!
 Organiser players_40  balls_4000  etha_x4 $558.00
 You + 40 Deposited Mates  = 2 x FREE Devastator Packages
(2000 Paintballs x 2 – Value $358.00)
 + 4 x Eclipse Etha Gun Upgrade
(Value $200.00)
 Total Savings!


When you play at Action Paintball Games, each person must select one of our Player Packages. Each of our great value packages come with everything you need to play; including a standard Semi automatic paintball gun, Camouflage overalls, Battle harness & pods, High Tech dual lens anti-fog dual mask plus a starting amount of Paintballs.


Prices are effective on the 1st of July 2015 and are subject to change without prior notice.

The BEST GUNS & the BEST GOGGLES in Paintball.

At Action Paintball Games we offer the largest and best gun upgrades in Australia.

Check out our massive selection of Upgrade Guns! Ranging from rugged mechanical gravity fed guns, that deliver a solid feel each time you fire, to high end professional level electronic guns, that feel like you’re firing a rapid firing machine gun!  No other Paintball Field in Australia has the firepower we do.   Ask the competition if they have tournament guns.  The answer will be no.

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  • The Best Thermal Goggles (No Fog)
  • Lightweight Camo Overalls
  • Free body Armour for Girls
  • Over 80 Battlefields
  • The Best Prices
  • The closest OUTDOOR field to Sydney CBD
  • Free Facebook Photos
  • All girls get FREE Body armour!
  • Huge Selection of Hot Food
  • On site Showers
  • Experienced Referee’s
  • Bush and Urban Themed Battlefields
  • 4500psi Compressed Air
  • On site Pro Shop
  • Super Accurate Ammunition
  • Closest Outdoor Fields to the CBD
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Unlimited Play time
  • No Deposit Required
  • Pick Your Package on the Day
  • Great organiser bonuses!
  • Pay Deposits upto 2 days before
  • Open 9-5 Everyday (exl Holidays)
  • Online Booking System
  • Australia’s Only RFID Powered Paintball Field

Free Body Armour For Girls!


Want to Buy Your own Paintball Gear? With the Biggest Selection and Best Prices for all Paintball Equipment; including the latest paintball guns, masks and performance clothing in Australia. We literally have you covered from head to toe! Action Paintball Games is home to Australia’s number one paintball store,!


Total War

Ever wanted to play in massive paintball battles that span over multiple fields with hundreds of like-minded people for hours not minutes? If so then JOIN THE WAR HERE!

Super 7s Series

The Super 7s is Australia’s biggest Paintball tournament series!  They are held 4 times a year and teams from around the world come to compete for the series title.

Super 7s Novice 3Man

Super7s Novice 3man Paintball Tournaments are super easy to get involved in, and everyone uses the same guns!  No Experienced players allowed!

SupAir Training

It doesn’t matter what level of player you are, we open up our pro and semi profields regularly for you to train with novice skill level players to professional paintball players!


Get 15% OFF YOUR PACKAGE PRICE if you are someone who serves our country & it’s people!*.

For serving members of our Defence Force, Army, Navy, Air Force, State & Federal Police Officers, Bush Fire Brigade Volunteers, SES Workers, Firefighters and Ambulance Crews. Just show us your official Identification when you are getting processed and we’ll take 15% OFF YOUR PACKAGE! 

It is our way of saying “THANK YOU” for what you all do for our community every day.

* 15% discount is not available to be used with any special offers or deals.

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Please Note: A 10% Surcharge applies to all purchases on Australian public holidays

From 1st May 2015 Action Paintball Games will now call ‘Last Games’ at 3pm instead of 4pm.

This means that no new games will commence after 3pm and all players must finish up for the day.
Any games already in progress at 3pm will be allowed to finish.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change of policy, please call us on (02) 9679-0011

or email