Playing Paintball and you are Under 18? What is the Legal Age to Play Paintball?

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Playing paintball in Australia is restricted on an per state basis.   Each state has different age limits and rules!  It is silly as paintball is such a safe sport.   It is statistically safer than bowling. In NSW the age is 16 years old plus.

The laws may be changing in 2018 to allow kids as young as 12 to play, which is awesome.   Kids as young as 10 can play in Western Australia, however NSW is behind the rest of the world.

Please write or see you local member to ask them to push for the lowering of the age limit for paintball.   It really is silly that such a safe sport is not allowed to be enjoyed by young people.   It also holds back Australia as a country for competing in International Paintball Events!

If you are aged 16 or 17 then all you need is a parental consent form to play with us!   Download the parental consent form here.    We do NOT require a parent to stay on site with you.   The only thing we need from you and your players is the above form completed and signed by the players parent/guardian!