What is Total War?

In recent years there has been a huge shift towards scenario paintball in Australia. This is why we have put together our quarterly event, Total War.

We use Pyrotechnics, smoke cover and a LOUD speaker system to create the most intense atmosphere as you battle it out in 200 vs. 200 armies!

If you are looking for an adventure and the chance to be the hero of war, then TOTAL WAR is for you!

You dont need to be experienced or even have any of your own gear! Just register for your preferred team and show up nice and early to get ready for the war!

Each event will have Special Operations and multiple objectives for each game.


Visit the website for ALL Total War info and details!

Register For Total War II: South China Sea Assault

Registering secures your team and your paintball gun upgrade!


Total WAR Facebook Groups!


Special Australian Scenario paintball Regiment SASR Facebook Page

  • Controlled, tactical style of play

    The SASR captures objectives by moving slowly and methodically.

  • Organised and dependable team

    The SASR has a core group of players that will help you out and give strategic direction.

  • Radio Communication and controlled fire

    Game plans and communication are taken seriously and are well planned with this team.


United Enemy Forces UEF Facebook Page

  • Aggressive no holds barred attacks

    The U.E.F. hits hard and fast.

  • Carefree and laid back team

    The UEF has fun no matter what, and they usually have the most costumes on the team!

  • Heavy firepower

    Most of the leaders have high tech electronic guns!

6:00am Gates Open
6:45am Registration Open
8:30am Chrono Station Open*
10:00am Game briefing and equipment checks
10:30am Game 1 STARTS
11:30am Game 1 FINISHES
12:00pm Game 2 STARTS (Swap Ends)
1:00pm Game 2 FINISHES, Lunch
1:45pm Game 3 BRIEFING
2:00pm Game 3 STARTS
3:00pm Game 3 FINISHES
3:15pm Awards and event wrap-up

Total War Rules!
Watch the below video for the special rules for Total War Scenario Paintball Games

How Do The games work?

We take down the barriers of our 18 different fields to create one MASSIVE battlefield. There are mission objectives and special operations for each event. The first 2 games are the same game but we switch team start bases so that each team has an opportunity to play each side of the field.

This allows teams to get an understanding of the field for the last massive mission.

There is smoke, pyrotechnics and music during the 3 x 1 hour games. There will be 10 minute re-spawns for each game (at 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 minute points).

There will be at least 1 instant re-spawn base per team on the field. This meaning that if the player touches his own base, he is instantly back in the game.