Super-Electronic-Guns – Only at Action Paintball Games

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At Action Paintball Rouse Hill, we have 20 Super Guns available for you to choose on the day. These are not just your normal 80.00 Upgrade Eclipse Ego or Geo gun. They are fully set-up, late model, one of a kind, electronic paintball machine-guns. The price on them vary per model, but you can have one for the day for as little at $100.00! They are themed guns, such as the Punisher, Widowmaker, EM-1000, The Dirty Magnum, Deadpool, LawGiver, Slimer, and more! These guns are fitted with the lightest air system available to keep the weight low and the shot count per fill high! The guns also have electronic hoppers on the top, either the Dye Rotor, or the HK TFX hopper system.

Check out some of their videos below!

There are only 20 available each day, and only one of each style. So if you are after OL’ Painless then please register your interest on our Gun Upgrades Page!

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