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Are you wanting to try tournament paintball?

The Super 7s Tournament Paintball Series runs quarterly and caters for everyone! Whether you are a first time competition player using rental gear, or a seasoned pro player who owns everything including their own paintball gun, Super 7s is for you!

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Who Plays the Super7s Tournament Series?

From first time players to hardcore pro players, everyone is welcome at the Super 7s!

We even have paintball celebrities from all over the world attend our events! This includes several of the top players in the world guesting on our Aussie teams. It is also common to see players from the top international teams like San Diego Dynasty, LA Ironmen, Heat, Legion and others, guesting on an Aussie team during a Super 7s event.

At many these events you can also meet industry leaders and representatives such as Devon Stutz from Dye, Josh Meyers from HK Army and William Fi$h Haddock from Planet Eclipse, amongst others.

When are the 2018 Super7s Events?

Round 4 – 2018 Masters
Novice – November 18th
Amateur November 17th
Semipro – November 24/25
Pro – November 23/24/25
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Where is Super 7s paintball?


Super7s Gallery!